Outgoing Alliance chair reflects on past three years

Friday, July 5

This is my final presentation to you as Chair of the Board of the Jewish Alliance. I want to thank the past presidents of the Jewish Federation and Jewish Alliance for serving as my role models and mentors for the past three years. I would like to also thank my rabbis, Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman and Rabbi Sarah Mack, for their continued support.
d'Var Torah

Lessons from a failed rebellion in the desert

If you have been keeping up with our weekly Torah portions, you know that we are now following the adventures of the ancient Israelites as they travel the Wilderness of Sinai. Moses, as leader …

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Editor's column

No summer break for Jewish Rhode Island

Surprise! We’re here in July! That’s right. There’s no more summer break for your Jewish Rhody team. When Jewish Rhode Island switched to a monthly publication, we also decided …

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Mike Fink

An unexpected adventure leads to a treasure chest

That old coastal postal road along the way to the Towers in Narragansett: it sums up the history of South County, as it is commonly called in the towns with their wee shopping centers.   Once in a while during antique auto shows, I spot a very early motorized fire engine, an elegant miniature marvel! Or a fine roadster proudly maintained by its current chauffeur, who drives the sporty masterpiece of yore.  

Letters to the editor

Misplaced blame?

Friday, July 5

I am responding to the recent letters that are critical of the two Brown students who wrote an editorial concerning Israel and the BDS campaign against it (June 2019). While I certainly support …

Rising anti-Semitism

Friday, July 5

I would like to thank the editor of Jewish Rhode Island, Fran Ostendorf, for publishing views on both sides of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) debate. This is a controversial …

From the archives

An unsung American journalist is Righteous Among the Nations

Originally this article was due to appear in May at the time of Yom Ha-Shoah. The press of important news necessitated using the space for current events and delaying the article for a month. …

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In remembrance of Armistice Day

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