RIJHA annual meeting features longtime editor


At its 68th annual meeting on Sunday afternoon, May 5, the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association will spotlight Dr. George M. Goodwin, who has completed his 15th annual issue of its journal, Rhode Island Jewish Historical Notes.  His tenure has been exceeded only by the late Dr. Seebert J. Goldowsky, who retired more than 40 years ago.

All are welcome to attend the Association’s meeting, which will be held at 2 p.m. in the Victor and Gussie Baxt Social Hall at the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center.  A festive reception will follow the formal meeting.

Prof. Mel A. Topf will be nominated to serve a second term as the Association’s president, and Harold Foster, Lowell Lisker and Ruth Breindel will remain as officers of the executive committee.  Cynthia Benjamin will be nominated to serve as a new board member.

Goodwin, a former Association president and a trustee of the Rhode Island Historical Society, will reflect on some of the challenges, dilemmas and successes reflected in the 3,000 pages he has helped create.  His guidance has helped shape approximately 200 articles, which have covered an extraordinary range of topics, including, for example: Newport and succeeding waves of immigration, the history and survival of scores of congregations and Jewish organizations, military service since the Civil War, and Jewish involvement in business, the professions, and government as well as sports and recreation.   The Association’s journal, one of the oldest and most remarkable of any state Jewish historical organization, has always presented numerous insights, surprises and revelations.  

For additional information about the annual meeting, please contact the Association’s director, Kate-Lynne Laroche, at 401-331-1360.  New members and guests are welcome to attend.

Submitted by the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association